Spray Painting Services for the Albury and Wodonga Areas


Car - O - Tronic Vision

Full Size “Car-O-Liner” Alignment Benches With All 4WD Mounting Systems And Computerised Measuring

The car-o-tronic is the fastest and most accurate computerised measuring system available in the automotive industry. It is the first photo based measuring system which uses actual photos to precisely and quickly target measuring points of the vehicle.

It can be used throughout the entire repair process, from the initial damage assessment to the final vehicle check.

Computerised Colour Matching

Computerised Colour Matching

Computerised colour-matching technology enables us to match the existing paint on your vehicle to the exact colour. This ensures that the area that has been repaired will blend correctly with the rest of the vehicle, leaving no indication of previous damage.

Computer based formulas are constantly updated as new colour variations enter the market. allowing us to have the most current and extensive range of colours possible.

Customers receiving spray painting services in Wodonga

Dustless Extraction

Dustless Extraction is used for sanding and preparing repaired panels, aiding in cleaner and more efficient repairs. It is also a more environmentally friendly and healthier sander than conventional ones. Conventional sanders release airborne dust that contain toxic substances and metal, which can contaminate the ground and waterways. However, the dustless extraction sander keeps all these pollutants contained.

Prep Bay

Full Downdraft Low Bake Paint Ovens

Once a car has been spray painted the low bake ovens accelerate the drying process, literally baking the paint application. The end result of drying in this controlled environment is a faultless finish of deep lustre and hardness.

Miracle System

Miracle System

The miracle system has revolutionised the way in which accident damaged vehicles are repaired. It is a healthier and faster way of repairing vehicles than that of conventional methods.

The miracle system is suitable for both aluminium and steel panels and can be used on minor scratches and dints as well as major panel repair work. The miracle system keeps the repair area small and avoids a lot of the strip and refit process.

By minimising panel replacement we are able to eliminate the ordering and waiting for delivery of parts, meaning that we can get you and your car back on the road that much sooner. Not only does repairing rather than replacing save time, it also ensures that you can keep your car original. Manufacturers welds, corrosion protection and sealer profiles can all be maintained when using the miracle system.

Low Bake End Draft Preparation Bays

The prep bays are used for preparing the vehicles before they are put into the low bake ovens for final colour applications. The vehicle is firstly primed, then dried with infa-red drying units. Using the dustless extraction unit, the repaired areas on the vehicle are blocked down to remove any imperfections.

Finally the new and repaired panels are cleaned thoroughly and the vehicle is masked up ready for spray painting.

Factory invertor spot welding, mig, mag, tig, plasma cutters and alloy / plastic welding

Invertor Spot Welding, Mig, Mag, Tig, Plasma Cutters and Alloy / Plastic Welding

Spot welding is a type of resistance welding which is commonly used by the automotive industry to weld sheet metal forming a car.

The process uses two shaped copper alloy electrodes which converges force and welding current between the materials. After the current is removed a small "spot" of welded metal is left behind.

Various mobile infra-red drying arms and colour matching lights

Mobile Infra-Red Drying Arms And Colour Matching Lights

B.F. Panels use various infra-red lighting systems to make sure newly painted surfaces dry quickly and evenly, make sure you recieve the best finish possible the repaired sections of your vehicle.

Glasurit water and Debeer solvent paint systems

Glasurit Water And Debeer Solvent Paint Systems

B.F. Panels use the best paint and painting systems on the market to ensure you recieve a professional and high quality finish.

Floor Rack Systems For Lighter Damage Not Requiring Datasheet Measuring

Floor Rack Systems For Lighter Damage Not Requiring Datasheet Measuring

B.F. Panels BenchRack combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. A revolutionary tilt feature that makes loading easier when approach space is limited is available on all BenchRack models. Allowing us to accurately inspect and repair your vehicle.

Dent Pulling Machines

Dent Pulling Machines


Paint-less Dent Repair Equipment

Paint-less Dent Repair Equipment


Molnar hoists

Molnar Hoists. (4 post & 2 post)

B.F. Panels 4 post hoist is suitable for most vehicles including larger and heavier vehicles to a maximum four tonne capacity. Optional Air Jacking Beams make these hoists suitable for wheel free service requirements. B.F. Panels also have two 2 post hoists, which are designed to optimise workshop clear floor space for ease of access, cleaning and freedom of movement for equipment.


Testimonial - Emma

Good afternoon,

I would like to bring to your attention the fantastic service we received from Glenn the tow truck driver, late Saturday afternoon after my mum (Barbara Clark) was involved in a car accident.  He was fantastic and both my sister and I both said to each other this morning that we must contact BF Panels to let them know!

Glenn was just lovely to our elderly mother who of course was upset and shaken by the whole experience.  It was close to dark and miserable weather on Saturday and Glenn turned up (very promptly after our call) with a smile on his face and comforted our mum with his kind words and caring nature.  Nothing was too much trouble and he put us all at ease and explained everything and was very patient.

If you could please pass this on to the owner of your business as it is important that they get feedback and know what great staff they have representing their business.

Well done Glenn keep up the fantastic customer service and thanks again for being so lovely and kind to our mum.

Kind regards,